Dalsem 高科技现代化温室专家

Dalsem Complete Greenhouse Projects

简介道神制作 DALSEM是一家拥有90多年经验的高科技装备齐全的温室工程专家。其在专利工厂生产设备齐全的智能玻璃温室项目,致力于帮助业主在最短的时间内获得最好的收获。这意味着我们不仅制造温室的主体框架,还开发所有必要的配套设施,如供暖、制冷、灌溉和电力系统、通风窗、窗帘和施肥等自动控制设施。 此外,尊重周围的人类和环境,在盈利能力、可持续发展和食品安全之间取得良好的平衡也是公司的宗旨。 同时,道神也是资质审核单位KIWA认可的HortiQ证书持有者。 荷兰稻燊DALSEM服务范围 • 智能温室全套设计 • 专利建筑材料生产 • 材料国际运输 • 现场工程安装与指导 • 农作

英文简介DALSEM - COMPLETE GREENHOUSE PROJECTS Dalsem is a leading greenhouse builder that develops complete high-tech greenhouse projects since 1932 that yield the highest quality and quantity of products in the shortest time. DALSEM AIR - SEMI-CLOSED GREENHOUSE Our latest technological development is the DALSEM AIR, Semi-Closed Greenhouse. A state of the art semi-closed greenhouse in the market to date. Dalsem designed the DALSEM AIR greenhouse to maximize plant and crop growth by optimizing the greenhouse climate conditions in a sustainable way while saving earth’s natural resources. DALSEM AIR SEMI-CLOSED SYSTEM (patented) The heart of the semi-closed greenhouse is our DALSEM AIR Semi-Closed System and an essential part of the energy-efficient climate control system. A solution that combines decentralized forced air ventilation and circulation to resemble natural airflow from above to the crop. By circulating and mixing greenhouse air with outside air or air from above the screens, optimal growing conditions are created inside the greenhouse. LESS ENERGY, LESS RISK, MORE PRODUCTION! Additionally, the decentralization of the controlled outside air intake facilitates growers to cool and/or dehumidify the greenhouse air in an energy-efficient way with no limitations if the screens are open or closed. The DALSEM AIR Semi-Closed system will ensure that less ventilation is required and high carbon dioxide (CO2) levels can be maintained for a longer period of time. This will translate directly into a substantial production increase and reduction of energy costs. UNIQUE TO DALSEM The complete control of the design, manufacturing and execution of the project on-site is unique to our company. All parts of the greenhouse are manufactured in our Dutch factory. We are a greenhouse builder that can customize the greenhouse exactly to your needs to deliver a full functioning and operational greenhouse.



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